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Capitol Expressway Eastridge Transit Center 3D Simulations

VTA, San Jose, California

The Capitol Expressway Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is an extension of the Santa Clara County Valley Transit Authority (VTA) rail transit network. The design called for a median running double tracked mainline that included two long viaducts, an elevated station, several grade level stations, a bus transfer station and a redesigned major arterial.

POITRA prepared a series of photosimulations for the public outreach program including the at grade transit center at Eastridge Mall.

As design progressed a concept was put forward to elevate the Eastridge Mall LRT Station and to place the bus transit interface underneath. The Engineer wanted numerous views to fully describe the facility. A full 3D model that could be rendered from multiple vantage points was the most efficient way to fullfil these goals.

POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment

Take a closer look! POITRA uses a large library of its own stock 3D Model trucks and automobiles for use on proposed transportation projects.

POITRA often creates custom transportation models at no cost to the project.

3D Simulations of Proposed Transit Center with Aerial LRT Station.

3D Simulations

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Mouse-over the thumbnails above to toggle between the 3D Images.

POITRA modelers constructed an accurate 3D model of the viaduct and elevated station sidings, passenger platforms, canopies catenary system, and various architectual elements and station amenities. Glass elevator towers, access stairs, kiosks and planters were addapted from the Capitol Expressway Story Road Station design. The aerial station included large straddle bents which make room for the bus opperations below.

left quotation markA 3D model was the perfect way to illustrate a complex compact facility like this one.”

M.P., POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

The transit center model was set onto a 3D ground model that included proposed Capitol Expressway with all curbs, medians, walks and landscaping. The site model also included bus transfer bays at ground level.

The transit center footprint displaced some of the mall parking and made rerouting of the mall perimeter road necessary. To adequately illustrate these features POITRA modeled the entire mall parking lot with outbuildings, pavement markings and landscaping.

The model was topped off with POITRA VTA LRT vehicle models, buses, trucks, automobiles and station patrons.

Numerous views from above and below the center were selected and rendered for use in meetings with VTA, Eastridge Mall and other Capitol Expressway Light Rail Project stakeholders. end of article


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