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USWest Cellular at Calvary Church Photosimulations

USWest Cellular, Colorado Springs, Colorado

When USWest expand its cellular telephone antenna network in Colorado Springs, local governments and the owners of potential installation sites required architectual renderings. Most of the potential installation sites were in built-up areas where the antennas need to be integrated into existing architecture. The renderings would be used to assess the visual impact of each new antenna installation and to sometimes help in selecting the actual asthetic integration options.

POITRA was chosen to supply the renderings required by for the project. It was clear that Photo-simulation would be the most accurate and realistic instrument for evaluating view impacts. POITRA would now create photo-simulations using base photographs supplied by the Engineer.

Take a closer look! Several types of antenna were created as POITRA custom 3D Models (click to magnify).

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

POITRA modelers created detailed 3D models of a variety of Antenna types and installation options that would be encountered on the project. Detailed models allowed POITRA to accommodate the occasional close in view when they were needed. The appropriate models were selected and camera matched to base photographs for each site. They were then lighted, rendered and composited to the base photograph and traditional digital painting methods used to finish the simulations.

USWest worked to partner with owners of suitable existing structures in order to gain the height neccessary to ensure good operation without introducing new utility towers. A potential position was located on the steeple of the Calvary Church building. A number of asthetic solutions were explored, simulated and presented to the owners.

An option that screened the antenna completely was chosen and fine tuned. POITRA created images for each of these alternatives and set them in a graphic presentation display layout for further evaluation.

The simulation depicting the selected option was used as a figure in the submittals to local zoning officials for permitting. POITRA provided all final document package graphics.article end

Take a Closer Look! POITRA graphic artists can help any project by creating a professional presentation for your project information. (click to magnify)

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