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US101 and Del La Cruz Blvd Interchange Photosimulations

CalTrans, San Jose, California

POITRA Visual provided photo-realistic simulation for the US101 and Del La Cruz Boulevard Interchange reconstruction project. This redesign addressed capacity issues on Del La Cruz Boulevard at peak traffic volume hours. The interchange configuration was also adjusted to help ease congestion.

The design included intricate revisions throughout the interchange to accommodate the widened boulevard and the reconfigured interchange ramps. The project team chose to illustrate the alternative on a planner or nearly planner aerial. This is an excellent way to display all of a project's alignment features with equal emphasis and still preserve the already constructed appearance of the illustration. An oblique aerial can minimize background detail.

Ground view Photo-simulations of the existing US101 Del La Cruz Blvd Overpass
Ground view Photo-simulations of the proposed US101 Del La Cruz Blvd Overpass

POITRA Visual also created a ground view photo-simulation of the overpass structure for the US101 Interchange.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photo-simulations.

The Engineer provided the base photograph and layout plans for the entire interchange and local street system. POITRA transferred the design data to the photograph carefully adjusting for the slight perspective.

left quotation markWe create a lot of this kind of aerial simulation for proposed interchanges. They really do convey a massive amount of detailed information quickly in a single image.

Additional simulations taken at ground level really flesh out the design ... the more the better. ”

M.P, POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

Traditional digital painting techniques were used to update existing ground features including removing the obsolete ramps as needed to accommodate the new design.

POITRA artists then added the revised interchange ramps, retaining walls, laneage, traffic control, sidewalks, medians, and fill slopes.

Many of the off system streets were also affected by design changes and needed to be reflected in the simulation. Great care was taken to ensure that the new lane markings were correctly represented and that they integrated with existing roadways as planned.

The previous bridge and roadway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals played a key role in accurately interpreting the Engineer's design plans and efficiently transforming the information into an accurate illustration.

The final aerial simulation was used as meeting materials for the CalTrans and San Jose design and public involvement process. The image played a major role in communicating the proposed design to project's public stakeholders.end of article

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