* Nearly 10 years later POITRA would again create photo-simulations for RTD's Central Corridor. Poitra provided simulations for the second extension of the corridor running from downtown along Downing Street to a station on the proposed East Corridor Line that connects to Denver International Airport (DIA). POITRA also created and maintained the Central Corridor and East Corridor public outreach websites for RTD.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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South Platte Corridor at the Pepsi Center Photosimulations

RTD, Denver, Colorado

The South Platte Valley Corridor is first extension or spur from Denver's original RTD Central Corridor light rail transit (LRT) system.* The original line runs from the Broadway Station past the Auraria Campus, through downtown and north to the Five Points neighborhood. The South Platte Valley Corridor joins the line at Auraria and runs north past the Lower Platte Valley attractions to Denver Union Terminal (DUT) in downtown Denver.

POITRA was selected to help quickly convey station concepts for the three most important new stations along the line.One of these stations is located at the Pepsi Center, one of Denver's newest entertainment features replacing the aged Big Mac event center. The Pepsi Center was in the final stages of construction during the design of the South Platte Extension. The LRT station at the event center had a complex access via a pedestrian bridge, a condition which prompted the need for design visualization at this location.

POITRA used its existing custom Siemens Duewag 100 LRT model vehicle and applied the updated RTD color scheme.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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POITRA photographed several views of the Pepsi Center with the intent of best describing that interface. Once the final view was selected some remnants of existing freight rail corridor were removed using traditional digital painting techniques. The modified photograph then served as the base photograph for proposed LRT station simulation.

left quotation markOnce again, thank you for all your help in creating a great product! The simulations were one of the highlights of the meeting - many people were enticed. Your work helped to describe to people what the stations will likely look like.”

K.K., BRW/URS Corp
South Platte Corridor P.R. Manager

Modelers at POITRA had previously created a detailed technical model of RTD's Siemens Duewag 100 LRT vehicle directly from manufacturers specification sheets. The newly adopted RTD color scheme was applied.

POITRA then created a 3D site model that included the track bed, rails, LRT platforms, station amenities, canopies, catenary system and POITRA model RTD Siemens Duewag 100 LRT vehicles. The model was camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the base photograph. Station and Pepsi Center patrons were added to create the final LRT photo-simulation.

Graphic artists at POITRA set the simulation in a display board format with simulation location map for printing. The finished displays were used in meetings with the city, Pepsi Center representatives and public stakeholders. The final images were also used in project environmental documents.end of article


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