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I-5 and Eight Mile Road Interchange Photosimulations

CalTrans and City of Stockton, Stockton, California

POITRA Visual provided photo-realistic simulations for the I-5 North Stockton Corridor, which studied the I-5 Corridor through Stockton, California to make capacity improvements. The project resulted in highway widenings throughout the I-5 corridor, several interchange redesigns, and two new interchanges.

One of the interchanges resesigns was located at I-5 and Eight Mile Road in a semi built up area zoned for future planned community development. There were two main alternate designs being considered, one that included a new loop ramp for southbound I-5 and another that included the loop on northbound I-5. Other options included open and closed medians to add laneage.

POITRA Visual also provided a series of 3d graphic cross-sections to further describe the modifications in study documents.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

Photo-simulation was the medium chosen as the best way to accurately communicate the proposed designs to project team members and to the public.

The simulation needed to show the two main interchange alternatives under consideration and to show the impact of each alternate upon the City of Stockton's existing community landuse plan.

POITRA artists plotted the two interchange alternate geometries onto the Engineer provided aerial photograph from design plans. Using traditional digital painting techniques POITRA painted the interchange ramps, new bridge structures, detention areas, proposed laneage, sidewalks, and medians.

Since the city's land use plan was a primary issue, POITRA also added specific land use areas color shaded to correspond to the city's master plan. Land use areas were also labeled.

The previous bridge and roadway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals always plays a key role in accurately interpreting and representing the Engineer's design.

The final aerial simulation images were used as meeting materials for the City of Stockton's public involvement process.end of article


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