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I-25 and Nevada/Tejon Interchange Photosimulations

CDOT, Colorado Springs, Colorado

POITRA Visual provided 3D simulations for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on the I-25 and Nevada/Tejon Interchange Reconstruction Project. The redesign consolidated ramp access to I-25 from both Nevada Avenue and Tejon Avenue in Colorado Springs. The design solution included a short viaduct for I-25 over Nevada Avenue, Tejon Avenue and a stream with additional bridges over the stream for the ramps.

3D modeling and 3D simulation was the medium chosen as the most efficient way to illustrate the proposed design to project team members and to the public. The model could take advantage of the terrain model produced by the Engineer. Once the model was complete as many views as necessary to describe the concept could be easily created.

POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos">
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos
POITRA 3D Model Trucks and Autos

POITRA created its own large library of more realistic 3D Model trucks and automobiles to replace the purchaced models used on I-25 Nevada/Tejon.

Photo Simulations of Proposed Nevada Tejon Interchange.


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Mouse-over the thumbnails above to toggle between the photosimulations.

POITRA modelers began by adding the grade level roadways and sidewalks to the terrain model from CADD plans. A surface was developed for the viaduct with Microstation Inroads. The viaduct superstructure, substructure and proposed retaining walls were then modeled conforming to the roadway surface. Ramp bridges, trees, trucks, automobiles and pedestrians were finally placed.

left quotation markOnce the need was established for 3D Simulations with our experience on I-25 Nevada/Tejon, we began to look for ways to increase the realism of our 3D simulations and still keep costs low. One of the obvious areas of improvement was to replace our commercially licenced 3D model trucks and automobiles with more realistic models of our own making. The development time was extensive but the results were outstanding transportation models with lower computer processing requirements making much larger projects possible.”

M.P., POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

The primary public concern was that the area below the viaduct would be an undesireble dark space both during the night and the day.

POITRA modelers installed the street lights, traffic lights and under viaduct lights that CDOT proposed to help resolve this issue.

A series of views located around the interchange were rendered to show the under viaduct lights during the day.

The model was easily modified to also illustrate night time lighting conditions. A series of night views were rendered showing the street lighting combined with the under viaduct lighting at night.

POITRA graphic artists developed displays to highlight the proposed lighting concept. One display focused on daytime and another on night time conditions. The night time display included a plan view with the viaduct superstructure removed to show all light locations under the viaduct and in the immediate vacinity.

A third display illustrated the interchange configuration in day time with the model in plan view and in elevation.

The final 3D simulation display were printed and mounted on boards for use as meeting materials for the CDOT public outreach process in Colorado Springs.end of article


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