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Holly Street POC at US101 Photosimulations

City of San Carlos, San Carlos, California

The City of San Carlos conducted a study to explore improvement alternatives for carrying Holly Street bicycle and pedestrian traffic over US101. The alternatives included building a free-standing Pedestrian Overcrossing (POC) away from the roadway alignment, adding a bike lane by widening the existing roadway overpass and finally by adding a bike lane within the existing structures limits.

POITRA was asked to complete a series of visual simulations to illustrate the overall layout and visual impacts of three alternatives. The aerial and ground view images would help agency and public stakeholders understand the changes associated with each alternative. The two ground view simulations also addressed possible aesthetic treatments.

POITRA Visual Aerial Photosimulation of Holly Street POC at US101 Existing.
POITRA Visual Aerial Photosimulation of Holly Street POC at US101 Alt1.
POITRA Visual Aerial Photosimulation of Holly Street POC at US101 Alt2.
POITRA Visual Aerial Photosimulation of Holly Street POC at US101 Alt3.

An aerial view photosimulation was also created by POITRA Visual for each of the three POC alternatives.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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The Engineer provided the base photographs for the aerial and ground views. The ground view base photograph required modification to re-align the off-ramp in the foreground, removal of trees, relocation of existing lights and the addition of new barrier. This was accomplished using traditional digital image editing techniques.

POITRA modelers then created an partial 3D site model that included the POC bridge rails, safety fencing and the pre-cast deck, girders and pier columns for the two new build alternatives. The existing bridge and center divider and other landmarks were modeled to aid in the alignment of the model to the photographic view. The sculpted treatment on the face of the rail was developed independently so the options could be explored. The past bridge design experience of POITRA principals was essential to properly representing the finished bridge as it appears in the visualization.

The site models were camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the base photograph. Additional digital paint work was needed to respond to changing project conditions at a later date. The existing right-of-way fence in the foreground needed to be shown as 'reset'. POITRA retains all simulations in a full resolution and editable state for these situations.

POITRA also provided graphic labeling for report versions of the finished simulations. In addition to the project reports the simulations were used for meetings with CalTrans and with local stakeholders.end of article

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