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East Valley on the Central Avenue Curb Photosimulations

Valley Metro, Phoenix, Arizona

The Valley Metro light rail transit line was the first rail transit system to be implemented in the City of Phoenix with branch lines serving outlying communities like Mesa and Tempe. The first step was to complete an environmental study.

The proposed East Valley Corridor would follow Central Avenue through downtown Phoenix. The line would run in the street using either a dedicated curb-side or dedicated median configuration. POITRA Visual was selected to provide design visualization services for the study. Visual simulations would be used to help explain the various alternatives to the public.

The two configurations would be illustrated at separate locations rather than at a singular location as is often done. Photo-simulation was determined to be the best medium for accurate visual evaluation and for confident presentation to public stakeholders.

POITRA used its existing custom Siemens Duewag 100 LRT model vehicle and applied the Valley Metro color scheme.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulation.

POITRA created a photo-simulation of the curb-side alternative on an Engineer provided photograph. The existing laneage and traffic was shifted to match the conceptual design plans using traditonal digital painting techniques. Downtown Phoenix's existing signature street lighting was also relocated as necessary to serve as mountings for the proposed overhead catenary system.

The Siemens Duewag 100 LRT vehicle was the study's prefered vehicle. Modelers at POITRA had previously created a detailed technical model of the SD100 directly from manufacturers specification sheets. The Valley Metro color scheme was applied.

POITRA then created a 3D site model that included the track bed, rails and POITRA model Siemens Duewag 100 LRT vehicles. The model was camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the base photograph to create the final simulation.

The finished photo-simulations were used in Valley Metro's meetings with the City of Phoenix and other governmental and public stakeholders. The final images were also used in project environmental documents and on the East Valley Metro Project Website.end of article


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