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DuPage County Airport Kautz Site B1 Photosimulations

FAA, West Chicago, Illinois

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was surveying sites for the installation of a new ASR9 Antenna to serve the air traffic control system at DuPage County Airport near West Chicago. The FAA and local authorities, required a complete feasibility study.

This study included environmental considerations such as view impacts. It would consider three main tower locations. Each location was analyzed for visual impact concerns with a number of important view sheds. POITRA was selected to provide the graphics support for the project including creating the necessary photosimulations.

Take a closer look! The ASR9 radar antenna and tower was created by POITRA modelers (click to magnify).

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulation.

The Engineer supplied excellent photographs representing the most important view sheds for each. These would be used as the base photographs for the view shed photosimulations.

The Kautz Site B1 view is taken from the north on Kautz Road.

POITRA modelers created a detailed 3D model of the ASR9 Radar Antenna and the proposed 76ft tall tower. An equipment building, site fencing and gates from POITRA model libraries were also used to create a site model to be rearranged and used in all of the simulations. The site model was camera matched to the B1 base photograph, lighted and rendered. The renders were then composited to the base photograph and traditional digital painting methods used to finish the simulations.

POITRA had prior experience specifically with airport radar towers and antennas and easily understood the plans for the various components.

Graphic artists at POITRA also created graphic map figures that identified the tower site options and the view shed locations for all three potential sites.

All of the POITRA simulations and graphics appeared in the final study document and visually complimented the high quality of the rest of the document. article end

Take a Closer Look! POITRA graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning professional settings for your project information. (click to magnify)

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